The Filmmakers Bios

Dan Scanlon
Writer / Director / Producer / Actor

This is Dan Scanlon’s first feature film as a writer / director. Dan graduated with a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1998. He has worked professionally in the animation industry as a story artist for the last ten years. Dan illustrated the first chapter of the comic book “Unmentionables” written by his wife Michele Scanlon. The two of them live in San Francisco and work together on projects under the production company name Caveat Productions.

Brian Fee
Co - Producer / Actor

Brian Fee graduated from The Columbus College of Art and Design in 1998 with an Illustration degree. He has worked as a story artist in the animation industry for the last 11 years. He lives in Petaluma, California with his wife and 2 daughters.

Michele Scanlon
Executive Producer / Actress

Michele is a writer and filmmaker who lives and works in San Francisco. Her past jobs include: archaeologist, ballet dancer, and creative designer for kid's computer games. In 2006 she wrote a comic about the secret life of talking underwear entitled “Unmentionables”. She has BA in Anthropology from UC Berkeley. She often writes under the name "Babe Scanlon".

Scott Clark

Scott Clark received his BFA at Rhode Island School of Design in 1996 where he studied Illustration and Animation. He also studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater Summer Training Congress in 2001. Scott has worked as an animator for the past 12 years, and has also dabbled in Improv acting for a couple years at Bay Area Theater Sports group in San Francisco.
Scott lives in San Francisco with wife Suzy, new daughter Mira, and dog Jackson.

Bernadette Emrick

Bernadette Emrick received her BA in Art from San Francisco State. She has been producing art, in it's various forms, ever since including her collage work over the past few years. After seeing a professional production of Thorton Wilder's, "You Can't Take It With You, at the tender age of 13, she began acting in high school and continued in college and community theatre until the age of 24. Bernadette not only acted, but directed, produced, and built sets and props in numerous productions all in Santa Barbara, California. Bernadette currently lives in San Francisco, California, and clowns around whenever she can.

Alex Mandel

"Tracy" is Alex Mandel's first score for a feature film. Other recent scores include "Your Friend the Rat" (2007, dir. Jim Capobianco), which won the Annie Award for Best Short Subject; "Trifles" (2008, dir. Pam Walker); "Violet" (2007, dir. Mark Andrews); and "Mr. Incredible and Pals" (2005, dir. Roger Gould). He released 3 albums as the songwriter/singer/guitarist for The Fingers, and his new group, The Echo Falls, will release their debut shortly. He lives in Berkeley with his wife and two kids.

Elizabeth Greenberg
Executive Producer

Elizabeth Greenberg spent her childhood appearing in radio and
television commercials in the Midwest. She studied filmmaking in
college, and moved to northern California where she spent 10 years
working on independent films. She is now back on the commercial side,
working as producer at an advertising agency in New England. I guess
one day she'll move to the South.

Tom Mader
Executive Producer / 2nd Assistant Director

Tom Mader studied filmmaking at Wayne State University and received a Bachelor of Arts from Oakland University. For ten years he has worked in television and for the corporate sector in all phases of video production. Tom currently co-owns and operates a small video production company in his home state of Michigan. Tom, his wife and son live in Ferndale, MI.

Adrian Ochoa
1st Assistant Director

Adrian Ochoa has always been fascinated with the aspect of filmmaking since a young age, being heavily influenced by the Disney and Warner Brother shorts as well as Star Wars.
He's worked in the animation industry for over 10 years and has worked on various independent films doing a variety of roles. Adrian currently lives in Vallejo, Ca.

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  1. It's not often I stumble across CCAD grads on the Internet. Shout-out from an '03 time-based grad! The film looks great, guys. Very funny. I hope to catch it sometime.